La vita è troppo breve per mangiare e bere male

Recipes that provoke emotions and flavors preserved for generations are featured in the delicious menu from Heaven Cucina.



Mangia che ti fa bene! Heaven Cucina pays homage to the Italian traditions, with a menu inspired by different regions of the country. Always incoporating a modern touch to its classic roots, all revised by Chef Heaven Delhaye.

At its core, the focus is always on the custumer, on the dedication to quality and the commitment to create a memorable experience at the table. Everything, of course, accompanied by a good wine.


Daughter of European chefs, Heaven Delhaye carries the passion for cooking in her veins, having the kitchen as her stage. With innovation, skill, and competence, she captivates audiences and influences followers wherever she goes.

Gathering experiences in prestigious houses and remarkable participations in both MasterChef Professionals and the World Pasta Championship, Chef Heaven commands three successful restaurants from BFW Group.

"Heaven Cucina is imbued with flavor and comfor. It is where I aspire to create a warm and affective cuisine that will take you on a gastronomic journey to the Old Continent."



Generous doses of flavor, Italian tradition and care are present in the list of ingredients of each recipe on our menu.

Here at Heaven Cucina, we believe that cooking has a special power to bring people together. That's why our pastas are fresh and our dishes are made to feed body and soul!

Italian home in essence,
in flavor and heart


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Aceitamos reservas pelo telefone: 

Vogue Square: +55 21 3030-7574

Shopping Tijuca: +55 21 2018-6636

Yes, there is an optional 12% fee.

Aceitamos Crédito, Débito e Dinheiro.

Please contact the house management at (phone) +55 21 3547-1001.

Vogue Square: +55 21 3030-7574

Shopping Tijuca: +55 21 2018-6636

Please contact the house management at (phone) +55 21 3547-1001.

Vogue Square: +55 21 3030-7574

Shopping Tijuca: +55 21 2018-6636

Sim, do próprio shopping.

Segunda a Sexta-feira 18h às 23h e Sábado e Domingo 18h às 23h

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Sim. De segunda à Sexta-feira de 12h – 16h.
Não inclui finais de semana e feriados.

Yes, it must be disclosed at the time of booking.

Sim, a taxa de rolha é R$ 60

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